Police Professionalization Exchange Program


As part of long standing cooperation between Mexico and the United States, the Police Professionalization Exchange Program (PPEP) seeks to build community trust and enhance security between our countries. Together, we aim to increase our collective depth of professional knowledge and leadership skills, equipping participants to advocate for change within their agencies.

To help address these issues, over the past four years, Global Ties U.S. has partnered with U.S. Embassy Mexico and the Bureau of International Narcotics and Law (INL). Through a mix of in-person exchanges, webinars, training, and online learning conducted by Global Ties U.S., Mexican law enforcement officers and officials learn 21st-century policing philosophies and ethical practices and develop action plans to adapt those approaches to their agencies and communities. Our suite of learning formats includes: 

  • hands-on exercises
  • in-depth workshops 
  • training of trainers
  • both real-time and self-paced activities

Informal conversations with trainers and meeting hosts allow for deeper understanding. And we follow up with all participants six months after their exchange to understand the program’s impact on their careers.


  • 6,200 participants from nearly every Mexican state 
  • Interacted with counterparts from 259 law enforcement and related organizations from 32 locations in the U.S. 
  • Online courses serve nearly 1,000 participants each year

Activities to Date

Since 2017, Global Ties U.S. has engaged 6,200 participants from nearly every Mexican state across program activities, and they have interacted with counterparts from 259 law enforcement and related organizations from 32 locations in the United States. 

Our study tours bring senior-level participants to one or two U.S. cities for a week, such as San Antonio, Charlotte, San Diego, and Reno. Online courses serve nearly 1,000 participants each year in 35 contact hours of training. Follow-up, in-country training in Mexico takes place in dialogue between U.S. experts and participants over two days. With the 2020 pivot to virtual, webinars and other online events have replaced travel programs and expanded our reach.

So far, participants have built their career-related knowledge, developed a deeper sense of professionalism, enhanced their leadership capabilities, and broadened their professional networks. Representative indicators include a 70% jump in professional knowledge for online participants and consistent growth in a leadership mindset across all programs. More than 60% of submitted participant post-program action plans are complete or in-progress. Additionally, U.S. agencies engaged with the program report stronger ties with local Latino communities as a result of their PPEP participation.


The Police Professionalization Exchange Program is sponsored and funded by the U.S. Embassy Mexico City, International Narcotics and Law Enforcement Section (CFDA Number 19.703), under a cooperative agreement with Global Ties U.S.