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By Collin Burden, Global Ties U.S.
ExchangeMatters, May/June 2014

On April 22, Diplomatic Courier Magazine hosted a half-day summit exploring the nexus between technology and social media and how they are changing diplomacy. Public diplomacy experts and leaders from the U.S. Department of State, embassies, and the business and nonprofit sectors discussed current trends and best practices and offered insight into the future of global engagement.

The future, more and more, is in the hands of those not in formal, official, and limited diplomatic roles. One striking statistic mentioned during the summit offered a case-in-point: 40 years ago, 80% of aid given to developing nations came in the form of government assistance. Today, government assistance accounts for only 10% of that total, largely because of the huge increase of private investment.


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Get a glimpse inside the Discover Diplomacy program, which offered participants an insider's view of diplomacy in Washington, DC.

Read the inspiring story of Betty Bledsoe and her amazing family of citizen diplomats, the Global Ties U.S. Volunteer of the Year.


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Columbus International Visitors Council

Since 1965, the Columbus International Visitors Council has been building partnerships between Central Ohioans and citizens of other countries that strengthen democratic ideals, encourage economic development, and promote cultural understanding through the exchange of ideas and knowledge. Christopher Washington, a board member, recently shared his perspective on the importanct of citizen diplomacy.

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