Announcements / March 18, 2024

2024 Network Innovation Awards

The Global Ties U.S. 2024 Network Innovation Awards honor dedicated professionals who strive to build a stronger community across the Network, in their communities, and for international visitors. Awardees were nominated and selected by Network peers and leaders for their efforts to transform our work in international exchange and citizen diplomacy in 2023. Congratulations to this year’s winners.  

2024 Outstanding Programming at an All-Volunteer CBM:
World Affairs Council of Rhode Island

Presented by Corey Skelton. All Photo Credits: Kristoffer Tripplaar

2024 Outstanding Programmer at a Small Paid-Staff CBM Award:
Elise Sappington, Colorado Springs World Affairs Council

Shannon Payne (Right) of WorldDenver accepts the award from Rogelio Cerezo (Left) on behalf of Elise.

2024 Outstanding Programmer at a Large Paid-Staff CBM:
Karen Baumgaertner, Global Minnesota

Erin Hart (Right) accepting the award on behalf of Karen from presenter Jill Barwig (Left).

2024 Outstanding Program Associate/Coordinator at an NPA:
Dinah Holmquist, Meridian International Center

Nick Merrill (Right) presenting the award to Dinah Holmquist (Left).

2024 Outstanding Program Officer/Manager(s) an an NPA:
Bryan Wells, CRDF Global 

Bryan Wells (Right) accepts the award from Shannon Payne (Left) of WorldDenver, a 2023 Network Innovation awardee.

2024 Outstanding International Visitor Liaison:
Marcelo Gandaria

Marcelo Gandaria (Left) with award presenter 2024 Emerging Leader Abigail Fowler (Right).

2024 Outstanding Interpreter:
Rachel Russell

Rachel Russell (Left) with award presenter, 2024 Emerging Leader Ty McGlynn (Right).

Outstanding Group Collaboration Award Winner: A Global Moment in Time Reflections on Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Accessibility Team (January 2023 Segment)

From left: Bonnie Beard (presenter), Anna Bradley, Jennifer Strauss Gurss, Maria Garcia-Olalla, Alannah Crandall, Heather van Dyk, Jodi Michaels, Mustafa Abubakr, and Mary Sauerborn representing the team.

Tatyana Albert, Liaison
Belinda Chiu, Liaison
Jennifer Strauss Gurss, Liaison
Frank Kasell, Liaison
Maureen Kelly, Liaison
William Kelly, Liaison
Igor Leybzon, Liaison
Brittany Lynk, Liaison
Bessik Matchavariani, Liaison
Maya Panova, Liaison
Guerda Romain-Chatelain, Liaison
Anatoli Samochornov, Liaison
Mustafa Abubakr, Meridian International Center
Anna Bradley, Meridian International Center
Jillian Kenney, Meridian International Center
Mary Sauerborn, Meridian International Center
Katie Smith, Meridian International Center
Renee Worthington, Meridian International Center
Maria Garcia-Olalla, Cleveland Council on World Affairs
Elise Sappington, Colorado Springs World Affairs Council
Jodi Michaels, Global Ties Kalamazoo
Heather van Dyk, WorldOrlando
Andrea Vanessa Castillo, WorldOregon
Alannah Crandall, Global Ties San Francisco
Sarah Sibley, WorldBoston