Excellency in Advocacy Award

The Excellence in Advocacy Award was established in 2002 to recognize the exceptional contributions of members of Global Ties U.S. to advocate on behalf of the important work of our network. Recipients are experts at building long-term relationships with U.S. Members of Congress and their staff members. They advocate for sound policies and increased resources for the U.S. Department of State International Visitor Leadership Program and other exchanges.

This award is presented to an individual who has rendered exceptional service to the Global Ties network by educating their elected representative and showing them the positive impact exchange programs have on U.S. communities and hosts, the foreign leaders who participate, and U.S. foreign relations.

2011 / Carol Engebretson Byrne

President, the Minnesota International Center

2007 / Janet Elliott

Executive Director, International Visitors Council of Los Angeles

2003 / Thomas Baldridge

Executive Director, Council for International Visitors to Iowa Cities

2003 / Bruce Buckland

Former Global Ties U.S. Board Chair, The World Affairs Council of St. Louis

2002 / Nancy J. Gilboy

Executive Director, International Visitors Council of Philadelphia

2002 / Grace Mayes

President, Akron International Friendship