Network Innovation Spotlight / October 14, 2020

Highlighting Resources Through Owned Content

Rachel Paris-Lambert, Director of the International Visitor Program at World Affairs Council–Seattle discusses the launch of their Community Spotlight Series and outlines key considerations to stay connected with local partners. 

By Rachel Paris-Lambert, Director, International Visitor Program, World Affairs Council–Seattle

2ea81449-9d76-4db4-be13-24db699cb5ec.jpgOur Community Spotlight Series is new content that we can share on our website and social media. By connecting with local resources to hear stories we wouldn’t normally have time to gather, the series helps us demonstrate the reciprocal benefits of IVLP and build community by spotlighting professional resources and ways to engage. It also tangibly demonstrates the diversity of our programs and broadens the #FacesOfExchange campaign to include local U.S. impact in addition to the international visitors.

Key Considerations:

  • Create a list of some of the best resources that also represent a diverse cross-section of resources
  • Create a list of common interview questions to ask each resource
  • Always connect the spotlight to IVLP and the overarching goals of building peace and prosperity
  • Create an editorial calendar so the stories appear on a regular basis and to keep everyone accountable for creating and finalizing content
  • Create a matching social media plan
  • Have a solid plan for editing content before posting
  • Host content on your website in a single spot (we use a story map tool)