Exchange Matters / April 27, 2018

Inspired by People, Driven by Science

By Karina Keating, Project Manager, IVLP, CRDF Global

CRDF Global welcomed its first group of IVLP participants, university administrators from Jordan, in March to its offices in Arlington, VA. Credit: CRDF Global


This past winter, CRDF Global  joined the Global Ties Network as a National Program Agency, which means it now administers the International Visitor Leadership Program. With a unique focus on safety, security, and sustainability, CRDF Global also supports scientific research, fosters trainings and exchanges, and cross-border collaboration in the hard sciences and securities fields.


In February, the organization welcomed its first group of IVLP participants from Jordan who were seeking to build partnerships with American universities on student and faculty exchanges, research collaborations, and the internationalization of their respective campuses.

With the help of the Eurasia Foundation, the International Institute of Wisconsin, and the Southern Arizona Council for International Visitors—all members of Global Ties U.S.—and other partners, the participants left with action items, contacts, and a greater understanding of how to meet their goals in these areas.

“CRDF Global looks forward to partnering with the Global Ties Network to maximize the impact of our programs in local communities across the United States and abroad,” said Siri Oswald, Vice President of Operations. “Just as we hope our expertise in science, technology, and security can lend value to the Network, we anticipate that the know-how of our members will strengthen our ability to promote a more prosperous and interconnected world.”

A group of scientists from North Africa attend a workshop on design, security, and management at Brookhaven National Laboratory in New York state. Credit: CRDF Global


CRDF Global is not new to exchanges. It was founded in 1995 to engage scientists from the former Soviet Union by connecting them with counterparts in the United States through civilian research projects. These activities sought to decrease the threat of proliferation by creating peer networks with American scientists.

While the organization maintains a strong focus on nuclear, chemical, and biological security, its network of subject matter experts and partners also extends to public health and STEM initiatives, including trainings, research grants, entrepreneurship and innovation.

With a new, dedicated IVLP team, CRDF Global is “honored and humbled” to join the citizen diplomacy world and the Global Ties U.S. community.