Multigenerational Leadership Awards

In honor of its 50th anniversary in 2011, Global Ties U.S. presented the special awards recognizing Multigenerational Leadership at the local and national level. The Pillar Awards were presented to individuals who have helped the Global Ties network survive and thrive during its first 50 years, and the Bridge Awards were presented to individuals who are playing a key role in positioning the Global Ties network for its next half century.

The Citizen Diplomat Pillar Award Winners

Neal Ball


Donna Briggs

Tulsa Global Alliance

Bruce Buckland

World Affairs Council of St. Louis

Larry Chastang

International Council of Central Florida, Inc.

Barbara Gumbiner


Alan Kumamoto

International Visitor Council of Los Angeles

Nancy Otte

Freeport Area International Visitors Council

Will Wilkins

North Texas Council for International Visitors

Bill Yarnall

Albuquerque Council for International Visitors

The Citizen Diplomat Bridge Award Winners

Jennifer Fox

International Hospitality Council of Austin

Jennifer Hefti

Utah Council for Citizen Diplomacy

Megan McGlothlen

Montana Center for International Visitors

Herbert S. Ushewokunze

International Visitors Council of Philadelphia