Dinner Diplomacy Program

The Dinner Diplomacy Program is a new collaboration with founding support from Marriott International to advance peace and cultural understanding through travel. The program helps Global Ties Network member organizations expand opportunities for people in their communities to participate in dinner diplomacy events with global leaders traveling to the United States on international exchange programs.  

Each year, the Global Ties Network welcomes more than 4,000 current and future world leaders to their communities on international exchange programs and engages thousands more volunteers across the United States in community service to support this work. The opportunity to break bread together is one of the most memorable parts of exchange programs for international visitors and the Global Ties Network alike, and provides an opportunity for all involved to exchange stories and experiences while sharing a meal. Often, these meals are served by community members who can host people in their homes, purchase groceries, and make the necessary preparations.  

With this collaboration, Global Ties Network members can reimagine the hosting experience, engaging more voices in international exchange, and helping their broader communities to build relationships with leaders traveling to the United States. 

Activity for the Dinner Diplomacy will begin in June and run through August 2024. During those three months, Global Ties U.S. will disburse $20,000 to 20 Community-Based Members to implement Dinner Diplomacy events in their communities, helping Global Ties Network members reimagine the hosting experience and expand access to global engagement opportunities. Stories and photos from these events will be captured and shared later this year.