2015 Emerging Leaders

The 2015 cohort of Emerging Leaders at the Global Ties U.S. 2015 National Meeting.

Meet the participants of our 2015 Emerging Leaders Program:

Patty Ajdukiewicz
Cleveland Council on World Affairs
Cleveland, OH

Yousr Ali
World Trade Center Institute
Baltimore, MD

Sarah Bowers
Utah Council for Citizen Diplomacy
Salt Lake City, UT

Rio Cain
International Visitors Council of Detroit
Detroit, MI

Nadia Doubiany
The Council for International Visitors to Iowa Cities
Iowa City, IA

Paige Farrell
Southern Arizona Council for International Visitors
Tucson, AZ

Melanie Fite
International Services Council of Alabama
Huntsville, AL

Spencer Gale
International Center of Worcester
Worcester, MA

Lieke Go
San Diego Diplomacy Council
San Diego, CA

Andie Horning
Northern California World Trade Center
Sacramento, CA

Chelsea Kendall
Chicago, IL

Otto Kienitz
Global Ties San Francisco
San Francisco, CA

Frannie LaCivita
The International Center of the Capital Region, Inc.
Albany, NY

Bryce Lett
Gulf Coast Citizen Diplomacy Council
Pensacola, FL

Estie Parica
Northern Nevada International Council
Reno, NV

Afsana Qurishi
Global North Texas
Dallas, TX

Nina Saralidze
International House
Charlotte, NC

Taylor Timinsky
World Affairs Council Seattle
Seattle, WA

Josue Tlapale
Utah Council for Citizen Diplomacy
Salt Lake City, UT

Zoe TobinĀ 
Denver, CO

Laura Zbinden
Iowa International Center
Des Moines, IA