Announcements / March 17, 2022

Announcing 2022 Network Innovation Award Winners

Global Ties U.S. is fortunate to work with incredible professionals across the Network whose commitment to the International Visitor Leadership Program and citizen diplomacy is moving exchange forward. In support of their invaluable contributions and innovation—especially during these last two years of uncertainty and change—Global Ties U.S. created the Network Innovation Award.  

The Network Innovation Award recognizes outstanding individuals working within Community-Based Members, National Program Agencies, the Offices of International Visitors and Language Services, and/or as Interpreters/Liaisons who are making our field more resilient, diverse, equitable, and inclusive. These individuals were nominated and selected by the Global Ties Network for their exemplary work across three key areas: 

  • Their leadership to create new pathways for our work across the Network
  • Their embodiment and display of the values upheld by Global Ties Network
  • Their commitment to lead innovation, adapt to our virtual and hybrid environments, and ensure our work is diverse, equitable, inclusive, and accessible. 

The challenges of the last two years have required collaboration and teamwork across our Network, which is why we’re especially thrilled to honor colleagues within three teams: the Virtual Programming Champions & Forward Planning Working Group, who worked to find ways to keep the International Visitor Leadership Program moving and building critical relationships despite the pandemic; and the Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Accessibility Working Group, who are focusing on ensuring that the International Visitor Leadership Program (IVLP) and other international exchange programs are inclusive of individuals and resources that represent the diversity of U.S. communities, especially those that have been historically under- and misrepresented. 

Congratulations to the Global Ties Network Innovation Award winners: 

Virtual Programming Champions 

  • Lisa Bennet, World Learning 
  • Bill Bobbitt, American Councils 
  • Laura Carroll, FHI 360 
  • Sara Delson, Office of International Visitors  
  • Angel Fang, IIE 
  • Sherilyn Harrington, WorldOregon 
  • Jessica Heller, Office of International Visitors  
  • Hazel Hyon, Office of Language Services 
  • Anise Jasman-Sayers, WAC New Hampshire 
  • Jena Melançon, Gulf Coast Diplomacy 
  • Ryan Moore, Office of Language Services
  • Sarah Nugent, Office of International Visitors 
  • Claudia Page, Office of International Visitors 
  • Shannon Payne, WorldDenver 
  • Kate Sanders, Meridian International Center 
  • Sarah Sibley, WorldBoston 
  • Julia Wygant, Office of International Visitors 


Forward Planning Working Group 

  • Lindsey Bailet, Office of International Visitors 
  • Nina Bankova, American Councils 
  • Copeland Barnes, FHI 360 
  • Elizabeth Barry, Office of International Visitors 
  • Amy Barss, WorldOregon 
  • Sara Belousov, Office of International Visitors 
  • Myra Best, Meridian International Center 
  • Janice Brummond, Office of International Visitors 
  • Hooju Choi, Office of International Visitors 
  • Jen Cole, Office of Language Services 
  • Don Cordell, Office of International Visitors 
  • Melissa Cotton, Office of International Visitors 
  • Sarah Delson, Office of International Visitors 
  • Debbie Drucker, Office of International Visitors 
  • Naomi Feigenbaum, Office of International Visitors 
  • Greg Gaede, Office of International Visitors 
  • Sewell Gelberd, Columbia Council for Internationals 
  • Jennifer Gregg, FHI 360 
  • Tina Hall, Office International Visitors 
  • Patricia Harrison, World Learning 
  • Kim Havenner, Office of International Visitors 
  • Chiquita Jackson, Office of International Visitors 
  • Kim Jenkins, Office of International Visitors 
  • Michelle Kulikauskas, Cultural Vistas 
  • Jeana Lim, MCID Washington 
  • Felecia Maxfield-Barrett, Utah Council for Citizen Diplomacy 
  • Katelyn McAlister, CRDF Global 
  • Rob Means, IIE 
  • Claudia Page, Office of International Visitors 
  • Rachel Paris-Lambert, WAC Seattle 
  • Brittany Rock, Global Ties U.S. 
  • Kate Sanders, Meridian International Center 
  • Gail Shrott, GlobalPittsburgh 
  • Dina Suggs, Office of International Visitors 
  • Crystal Bock Thiessen, Lincoln Council for International Visitors 
  • Naz Toktotsunova, Office of International Visitors 
  • Ashley Yu, Office of International Visitors 


Global Ties Network Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Accessibility Working Group 

  • Akintunde Akinmade, American Councils for International Education 
  • Mathilde Andrade, Office of International Visitors 
  • Janine Branch, FHI 360 
  • Jennifer Batton, Global Ties Akron 
  • Andrea Castillo, WorldOregon 
  • Rogelio Cerezo, IIE 
  • Amy Alice Chastain, Global Ties Iowa 
  • Euri Huggins, IIE 
  • Crystal Kelch, MCID Washington 
  • Andrew Kovach, Cleveland Council on World Affairs 
  • Nilufer Leuthold, Northern Nevada International Center 
  • Jodi Michaels, Global Ties Kalamazoo 
  • Jacqueline Miller, WAC Seattle 
  • Yuriria Morales, Global Ties ABQ 
  • Michael Richardson, Dacotah Territory IVP 
  • Solomon Self, Meridian International Center 
  • Rebecca Taylor, CRDF Global 
  • Steven Washington, Cultural Vistas 
  • Mary Yntema, WorldBoston 
  • Anthony Zaun, World Learning 
  • Xiao Yin Zhao, WAC Kentucky & Southern Indiana 

Learn what moving exchange forward means to our Network Innovation Award recipients.