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The 2023 National Meeting is taking place Wednesday, March 29 – Friday, March 31.

About the National Meeting

The Global Ties U.S. National Meeting is the premier gathering of private-sector organizations, U.S. government agencies, advocates, and leaders in the international exchange field. Held in the Washington, DC-area, the National Meeting brings together participants across three days to gain high-level insights on trends affecting the international exchange field, engage in in-depth professional development opportunities, and build networks to strengthen international exchanges.

National Meeting Awards and Nominations*

Each year at the National Meeting, Global Ties U.S. recognizes leaders in the citizen diplomacy and international exchange for outstanding work in our field. More information about the 2023 awards is available below.

  • IVLP Alumni Award for Social InnovationEach year, Global Ties U.S. recognizes an alum of the U.S. Department of State’s International Visitor Leadership Program (IVLP) for high achievements in driving social change through innovation in their communities. Nominees must be past IVLP participants who demonstrate a significant difference they are making in their local or national community in an area of social impact derived directly from their IVLP participation. The 2023 award will recognize an IVLP alumni in Europe who demonstrates social innovation and global leadership in the area of democratic engagement and civic renewal, with special consideration given to nominees addressing these topics in relation to Ukraine.  This award is sponsored by Global Ties U.S. Advisory Council member and IVLP alum Vicente López-Ibor Mayor. Please share this application with eligible IVLP Alumni and/or submit a nomination for the award. Self-nomination is encouraged but not required.
  • Global Ties U.S. Citizen Diplomat Award: This award honors an individual or institution in the United States or abroad who, motivated by a deep understanding of world issues and a commitment to the exchange of persons and ideas, has achieved a recognized standard of excellence in furthering the cause of international and mutual understanding. Awardees may be drawn broadly from many areas of society such as the arts, cultural activities, government service, science, media, business, and education. The award will be presented at the National Meeting, and the recipient may attend virtually, or in person.
  • 2023 Exchange Matters Photo Contest: Our annual Exchange Matters Photo Contest is now open. We’re seeking images that capture the spirit of citizen diplomacy and showcase the power and impact of exchanges. Submissions can come from members of the Global Ties Network, exchange program alumni, U.S. Government representatives, interpreters/liaisons working on international exchange programs, and others involved in exchange programming, particularly those sponsored by the U.S. Government. The deadline is Friday, December 2
  • Global Ties Network Innovation Award: This award will honor individuals who work within a Community-Based Member, National Program Agency, or as an Interpreter/Liaison, who have helped to lead the necessary transformations for our work and our field in 2021. There will be multiple recipients of this award. The award will be presented at the National Meeting, and the recipients may attend virtually, or in person.




The National Meeting is sponsored by the U.S. Department of State with funding provided by the U.S. Government and administered by Global Ties U.S.

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