Exchange Matters / February 22, 2019

Our Network Leading the #ExchangeEffect

From left to right: Dorothy Riddle, Mary Sauerborn, Renée Worthington, Andrew Kovach, and Maren Mentor. Photo credit: A.E. Landes Photography


Our Excellence in IVLP Programming Awards Breakfast, held each year at the National Meeting, recognizes and honors those in the Global Ties Network who make exchanges happen every day. From creating engaging programs for exchange participants, to building relationships in local communities, here are standout individuals in our Network who create lasting impact through exchange programs, with some sharing their thoughts on receiving the award:


Outstanding Program Associate: Mary Sauerborn, Meridian International Center

“Winning the first ever Outstanding Program Associate award was a tremendous honor. The work of PAs is not the most glamorous; however, every task, from booking flights to printing name tags, contributes to the overall experience of the visitors. The care that is put into that work by Program Associates ensures that visitors get the most out of their brief time here and demonstrates the value that we all place on these exchanges.”



Outstanding NPA Programmer: Renée Worthington, Meridian International Center

“Working with this unique community gives me great pleasure and brings a smile to my face every day. As I mentioned when I received the award, together we connect the world to our communities, showing everyone what a rich patchwork of diversity our country is. Receiving this special award from a community I love and respect is an incredible honor, one that I will cherish for years to come.”



Outstanding Paid-Staff CBM Programmer: Andrew Kovach, Cleveland Council on World Affairs

“Achieving this honor has been a goal of mine since I started as an intern. Working alongside my colleagues has instilled best practices in programming, team work, and nonprofits. The award serves as a reminder of the impact of exchanges and thecontributions of programmers around the country.”



Outstanding International Visitor Liaison: Maren Mentor

“Being honored as Outstanding International Visitor Liaison felt a little bit like New Year’s Eve fireworks in my belly. Given my special focus on disability issues, receiving the award for me holds the promise of increased inclusion in exchange programming. It is the recognition that international education offers space for persons of all abilities and that Global Ties and its stakeholders will do what they can to support our international visitors and foster mutual understanding.”


Outstanding All-Volunteer CBM Programmer Award: Dorothy Riddle, Boulder Council for International Visitors
Outstanding Interpreter: Maryvonne Kerzabi (French)


Watch the full awards ceremony on Youtube.