Our Values

Vision Statement

A peaceful, prosperous world where individuals build enduring relationships through international exchange.

Mission Statement

Powering individuals, communities, and nations to build trust and advance peace and prosperity through international exchange.

Team Values

Each day, we aim to create and maintain a culture that is:

Mission Driven

All staff members believe their work positively impacts our mission and is meaningful to them as individuals.


All staff members strive to be constructively transparent about their work, sharing information whenever it is appropriate to share in team meetings and through other communications.


All staff members strive to find ways to collaborate across the organization to fulfill the mission. At the same time, each individual has clear goals and well-defined roles within the organization.


All staff members complete tasks on time, meet expectations, and respect that not doing so can affect others. Staff members take ownership and responsibility for their work, and find ways to course-correct and troubleshoot when expectations or deliverables are not initially met.


All staff members are respectful of all backgrounds, skill sets, ideas, and views and are encouraged to voice their opinions, ask judgement free questions, and offer input. This is a work environment where you can be yourself, and know that you are valued.


All staff members strive to contribute to a supportive work environment, where all ideas and comments are heard and considered. We also show support for each other’s work by respecting deadlines, constraints, and job portfolios.