PAK-USA Virtual Exchange


The U.S.-Pakistan relationship is a critical one for global security, but youth in the United States and Pakistan are often not familiar with each other’s people, culture, and values. Building cross-cultural conflict resolution skills in concert with Pakistani youth can help enhance long-term bilateral cooperation while also boosting respect for human rights.

In partnership with U.S. Embassy Islamabad, Global Ties U.S. developed and implemented a classroom-based virtual exchange program, connecting Pakistani high school students with their peers in the United States and offering a forum through which the students could develop personal relationships and share about their respective cultures. Our Community-Based Member organizations served as recruiting hubs for schools and teachers and offered vital training to participating classrooms.


98% of Pakistani students indicated that the program helped to improve their knowledge and understanding of the United States, and 96% felt that it gave them opportunities to increase U.S. participants’ knowledge and understanding of Pakistan.



The PAK-USA Virtual Classroom Exchange is sponsored by the U.S. Embassy in Pakistan with funding provided by the U.S. Government and administered by Global Ties U.S.