Support Community-Building with a Year-End Gift

As 2022 ends, I’m proud of the trust our Network of citizen diplomats has helped to build for the United States abroad, and within their communities at home.  

Building trust and community is the theme of our 2022 Annual Report. For us, 2022 meant the return to in-person exchanges after nearly two years of working remotely; celebrating the most diverse-ever representation of Youth Ambassadors and Cultural Performers at the USA Pavilion at Expo 2020 Dubai; and supporting more than 90 members of the Global Ties Network in developing the alliances the United States needs through international exchange. 

Our community-based network of citizen diplomats is the backbone of U.S. public diplomacy efforts, implementing the flagship International Visitor Leadership Program (IVLP) and dozens of other educational, cultural, and professional exchange and public diplomacy programs. The relationships they build are the foundation for U.S. engagement overseas. When crises emerge, we know that our alliances are stronger because the world’s leaders built enduring relationships with U.S. citizens through our members, in communities across the United States. Diplomacy begins here  with each of us.  

We also know that this Network is singular in its unique ability to inspire active U.S. citizen participation in foreign affairs. They are committed to ensuring that this participation reflects the rich diversity of our nation, and that international exchange programs are a catalyst for equity, inclusivity, and accessibility within the communities they are representing to the world.  

Ensuring this indispensable Network recovers from the multiple setbacks of the pandemic will still take time. I hope you’ll support our mission with a year-end gift. There are three important things that your support helps us do:  

  • Equip citizen diplomats with the knowledge and skills they need to build strong alliances and strengthen their communities.
  • Mobilize our Network and make the case to policymakers that international exchange is essential for U.S. foreign relations and for our communities
  • Create career opportunities for globally minded young people through our Emerging Leaders Program, now in its 12th year running, and Global Ties U.S. internships. 

Thanks to a generous matching gift, the first $20,000 in donations will be matched – your gift today will be doubled.