Exchange Matters / February 18, 2016

Thank You to Our Supporters in 2015

The Global Ties U.S. team and Board of Directors is thankful to all donors who helped support us in 2015. Throughout November-January, we reached out to our Network in an annual appeal for financial support to ensure the continued success of our work. This year we were able to raise over $72,000! Because of these contributions, we are able to—among other things—grow our international member base, develop new programs for our Network, such as Meet America, and put on high caliber events highlighting the impact of citizen diplomacy. Interested in giving to Global Ties U.S. or learning more about how we utilize gifts? Visit for additional information and to donate today!



Annette Alvarez

Anonymous Donor

Roger Andrews

Teresita Bernales

Kathy Brion

Robert Brown

Bruce Buckland

Dan & Jill Clinton

Fred Coffey

Henry Collins

Diane Conroy-LaCivita

Susannah Coolidge

Walter & Didi Cutler

Karen de Bartolomé

Carol Deibert

Ragan Dueker

Pascal Dupeyrat

Alexander & Sharon Durtka

Akram Elias

Diane Elton

Margaret Eubank

Marc Fallow

Alvira Fassett

Robert Frank

Nancy Gilboy


Charles Gliozzo

Bruce Gregory

Robert Hajek

Patricia Harrison

Jan Hartman

Thomas Hemphill

Robert Henderson

Alyce Hill

Beth Huddleston

Randa Hudome

Joseph Jastrzembski

R. Martin Johnson

Barbara Keller

Philip Lauinger

Richard LeBaron

Lucky & Bobby Luckadoo

Ron Lukenbill

Marcia Macdonald

Bradley Mazon

Faye McKay-Clegg

Cassandra McGuiness

Jena Melançon

Kyle Moyer

Sherry Mueller

Kathryn Nelson Emily

Eugene Nojek

Daniela Ochoa Gonzalez

John & Phyllis Overmann

Peggy Parfenoff

Marta Pereyma

Mary & Stephen Phillips

Jelena Putre

Thea Richard

Ann Shodde

Marianne Scott

Jim Schilling

Miriam Shearing

Jacqui Shipe

Donna Shirreffs

Donald Sparks

Robert Sprinkle

Jim Stockton

Jennifer Strauss Gurss

Shell Stuart

Anne Sustik

Stephen & Patricia Telkins

Melvin Thompson

Ricardo Vanella

Christopher Washington

Jim Wolf

Bill & Carol Yarnall