Emerging Leaders Program

Help prepare a diverse new generation of young people for careers in international exchange and public diplomacy.

As international exchange professionals who work to reflect the United States to the world, Global Ties U.S. believes we must be part of the solution for racial justice by intentionally and meaningfully incorporating diversity, equity, and inclusion into everything we do. This includes supporting and catalyzing the careers of emerging leaders who represent the talent and rich diversity in all corners of our country.

Now more than a decade old, our Emerging Leaders Program helps participants develop their interest and experience in the field of international affairs and make invaluable connections. Participants are engaged in a substantive, year-long professional development and mentoring program that provides opportunities to network with professionals in the federal government, nonprofits, and the private sector; strengthen professional skills; learn about career paths in the field; and build relationships to support their professional growth.

The Emerging Leaders program is 100% funded by donors. Contributions to the Emerging Leaders Program allow us to:

  • Develop meaningful networking and learning experiences, including opportunities to meet with leading professionals throughout the field
  • Expand our alumni mentoring program to foster long-lasting professional connections
  • Offer stipends to support participants’ travel expenses to the Global Ties U.S. National Meeting
  • Develop career development tools and exercises (such as visual resume workshops and elevator pitch training)

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More Ways to Give

Support Citizen Diplomacy

Help equip communities throughout the U.S. for their critical role in subnational diplomacy.


Sherry Lee Mueller Endowment for Scholarships, Advocacy and Special Programs

Help secure the future of Global Ties U.S.

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The Emerging Leaders program was a uniquely-valuable professional development opportunity that had a positive impact on my career in Public Diplomacy. Part of what made the program so impactful for me was the chance to meet with former Emerging Leaders and learn about their paths. I see mentoring as a way to give back to the program that I benefited so much from –Emerging Leaders Program alum